Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheryl, comic #7.

Silly trends.


Lindsey said...

Yes you do.

cheryl.andrey said...

Well shit.

Rise and Resist Apparel said...

Seriously, what the hell's the deal with hipsters and fixed gear bikes?

James said...

Fixed gear bikes are lame. I have a vintage bike with gears. This allows me to power up and down hills. Gears > 1 gear

Rollin Leonard said...

when it is so cold that my freewheel locks up and spins the only bike that functions is a fixed gear.

when i am going for a ride longer than 50 miles the choice is a road bike with gears.

when you have hills, mud, and rocks you ride a mountain bike.

when you're darting between cars in a busy city without hills it is dangerous to change gears.

when you wanna feel goooood you ride a cruiser.

when the road is wet and you want to have better traction and control you ride a more upright fixed bike.

there is nothing "lame" about any bike. they are all go machines.

wtf is "vintage?"
it's just old. get over yourself.

the deal with hipsters is that they recognized something cool and assimilated it into their look. just cus hipsters think its cool doesn't make it stupid and useless. i think everybody should get a fixed gear bike simply because they're fun.